Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need a building consultant?

Building consultants generally have a substantial personal history in the building industry and have practical experience over many years building homes, offices, light industrial and other complexes.  With the knowledge attained, building consultants can offer completely independent advice in a wide range of building matters.

For instance, you may have a dispute with a tradesman or builder, and the building consultant can be an intermediary source of advice, or in the worst case, can be an Expert Witness at the civil courts and tribunal if an issue escalates that far.  Before it gets to this point, an experienced building consultant will try to resolve any issues so that the matter does not get to court and can be settled amicably wherever possible.

Building consultants are also an invaluable source of knowledge regarding issues such as water leaks, costing renovations, whether your project home is being handed over with all contractual expectations being met, practical alternatives for building renovations and many other problems that can arise.  They also hold appropriate licenses and insurances, such as Public Liability and Personal Indemnity, to protect their clients and themselves in the event of a dispute.

If you’re unsure as to whether your matter requires the services of a building consultant, it costs nothing to ring and have a chat.


Do you have a water issue?

The heavy rains in Sydney in early 2020 have exposed a number of water issues, from damp patches in ceilings, flooded carpets, blocked stormwater drains and inefficient box gutters.  Water will follow nooks and crannies as it makes its way to the lowest level and finding the source of leaks is often an exercise that requires patience and experience.  A building consultant can help identify and locate the source of leaks and suggest remedies and solutions.  The sooner this problem is addressed, the less the overall cost will be.




Planning a renovation?

Renovations come in many shapes and sizes and often involve many different types of tradespeople.  Are you putting off doing that reno because it’s just too hard?  Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Why do you want to renovate?  Planning can range from architects to specialist advice and everything in between.  A building consultant can assist by coordinating the different requirements of local council, planners and certifiers to ensure the project runs smoothly.
  • What is your budget, what can you afford to do?  Again, a building consultant can give you a realistic idea of costs of labour and materials.
  • What should you NOT take shortcuts on?  Items such as waterproofing of bathrooms and balconies, internal painting, windows and doors and laying of floors comprise a large proportion of the defects that building consultants report on after a renovation.
  • Advice beforehand is well worth the investment, as it is expensive to fix problems afterwards that could have easily been avoided.

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What We Offer for You

KR Le Compte & Associates is an independent building consultancy that provides superior, quality advice backed up with concise and constructive reports so that you can achieve the outcome you desire. 

Architectural projects
For owners who want more involvement, we offer progress reports and problem solving skills, as they arise
House renovation
We have the experience to provide sound advice to genuinely value-add when renovating
Personal attention
Despite pursuing projects, ours is a small business with a personal focus, and we enjoy turning your dreams into reality
Great reports
Timely, clear, concise and easy-to-read reports that detail the property and offer remedies where needed
Wealth of experience
Building has been a rewarding and fascinating career, let us share our experiences with you so that you get the results you deserve
Negotiation before litigation
A great track record of communication across all levels to resolve the inevitable hiccups that arise in any building project