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Building Defects Reports

A building defect is an imperfection to a building that causes the property that has a defect, to fall short of perfection.  This could involve areas of non-compliance with the BCA (Building Code of Australia), various Australian standards and published acceptable tolerances and standards including manufacturer's requirements.

Defects can also be work that is in breach of a contract by failing to maintain a specified standard or quality or is in breach of any implied warranty.  The nature and type of defects can vary dramatically as can the point at which they become apparent.  At one end of the scale there are minor defects which can easily be corrected while at the other end of the scale and more extreme, significant defects may occur long after the original work has been completed.  This may require more extensive remedial works to fix.

Crack in wall Floorboards affected by water ingress Floorboards with pest infestation


Defects can arise because the work was not carried out in a good and workmanlike manner and in accordance with good building practice or a particular design or the wrong materials having been used.

***Building Defects Reports cover a range of defects identified in all types of buildings, large and small, old and new and range from cracking, structural and non-structural. Other defects can include leaking showers and roofs and water ingress through walls, floors and ceilings. We also carry out moisture meter testing to identify the source of rising damp and mould which could be from an internal or external cause.

All buildings have defects, some are minor and some are major, and if they are purely of a structural nature, the building consultant may recommend that a structural engineer be engaged.

Other minor defects could involve areas not complying to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and/or the relevant Australian Standards. These sometimes include safety issues involving balconies, walkways and ramps, heights of handrails, stairs not consistent in width and height of treads. This may also include safety glass to windows and doors and the opening sizes for high rise buildings without protective barriers.

These defects can be identified by a qualified building consultant such as ourselves who can then provide a report on the condition of the defect and suggest a method of repair to correct the defect so as it will comply to the present day BCA and relevant Australian Standards so that it would be fit for its purpose that it has been intended for or modified to be a better solution.

An immediate verbal report can be provided, backed up with an emailed copy of the report sent to the purchaser within a business day of the inspection having been carried out and a hard copy sent in the mail if requested.

Concrete cancer Water ingress in the ceiling Water ingress under carpet


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KR Le Compte & Associates Building Consultants is an independent building consulting business and was established in 1988.  They carry out all types of building inspections on houses, home units, townhouses, apartment complexes, light industrial and commercial buildings, old and new and have a wide and extensive range of expertise and experience in the building industry spanning over 50 years.

We service the following areas: Balgowlah, Seaforth, Manly, Metropolitan Sydney, Northern Beaches, North Shore and Lower North Shore.

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