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Strata Inspections

Our strata inspections provide advice to Strata Managers and Owners Corporations for large and small unit and apartment complexes, including light industrial and commercial buildings.

The report provided gives information on the current condition of the building and any future repairs and maintenance work required for the general upkeep for owners to allow budget costs for sinking funds.

This can also include the preparation for a Scope of Works document to be prepared to carry out the detailed works needed to cover those issues, including management of the tender process and then inspection of the works thereafter.

What is a Scope of Works?

This is a document that details the work that is required for the task that has been identified as needing remedial attention, including the responsibilities between the contractors and to provide an overall understanding of the services to be provided.

It involves a general description of the project, what is needed to accomplish the project and the overall goals and objectives, also providing a clear account of the methods needed to carry out the works, providing photos of areas to be identified for contractors to price works and a time frame to carry out the works.

We can assist with managing the remedial work and arrange the exchange of contracts between the parties which includes inspection of the works and progress claims to the successful tenderer who is to carry out the works when required.  A Scope of Works is to give both the vendor and the remedial contractor a clear picture on the complete project requirements so that both parties are on the same page and understanding.


Our apartment building had several long-term water leaks that had been difficult to identify, Keith was able to work out where they originated and also to suggest remedial measures to fix the problem.  Keith then prepared a Scope of Works which enabled us to obtain quotes from builders.  Keith met with the builders to clarify the works and assist us in selection of the builder.  Keith’s professional work enabled the Owners Committee to select the right builder and cost effectively complete the projects.  We highly recommend Keith Le Compte.

Jack Stening
Owners Committee – chair   

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KR Le Compte & Associates is an independent building consultancy that provides superior, quality advice backed up with concise and constructive reports so that you can achieve the outcome you desire. 

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For owners who want more involvement, we offer progress reports and problem solving skills, as they arise
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We have the experience to provide sound advice to genuinely value-add when renovating
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Despite pursuing projects, ours is a small business with a personal focus, and we enjoy turning your dreams into reality
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A great track record of communication across all levels to resolve the inevitable hiccups that arise in any building project